US Players Withdrawing Funds from Online Casinos

Unfortunately there are very few withdrawal methods available for US players. More and more obstacles keep getting in the way such as legislation, which makes it virtually impossible for some players to even bother thinking about playing at an online casino in the real cash mode. The two main withdrawal methods (which are the most reliable) for American players include being sent the money by Check or by Wire Transfer.

The checks could arrive to you via standard mail or by courier, which is a bit of a nightmare either way, but when there are few other options available, you have no other choice. The vast majority of online casinos will gladly send players a check through the post, but the time that it could take to finally arrive in your hand could be as long as three weeks away. However if you hate technology, receiving your winnings this way is the ideal solution.

It doesn’t take half as long to receive your winnings through Wire Transfers, or by Moneygram/Western Union. The only real downside is that the withdrawal fees are slightly higher, but the charges are still not worth losing any sleep over. Wire Transfers are accepted around the word and at most of today’s online casinos. Your bank is quite unlikely to charge you for using a Wire Transfer, but the casino may charge a tiny fee.

You will have to provide the casino with your checking account number and SWIFT number. To obtain this number, the best thing to do would be to visit the bank’s website or contact your bank directly.

You should also perhaps try and leave your winnings in your casino account until you have reached a sizeable amount before cashing out. If you don’t think that you can hold on that long because you think that maybe you will spend your winnings too easily, just start the withdrawal process whenever you think the time is right.

For now, US online casino players are basically without a paddle, but hopefully in the coming months (although more likely years) the online gambling laws in the US may eventually change so that more withdrawal methods can become available. Until that day comes, player will just have to make-do with what is currently available to them.